Mouse World: The Virtual Disney Fan Park

The Disney experience in Second Life! You can visit this virtual amusement park for free!

Mouse World is a place where Disney fans in Second Life come together to experience the Disney magic. And they really come very close to the real thing.

The park is based on the magic kingdom park in Orlando. When you arrive at Mouse World you start at the station and walk into Main Street to the square where Walt Disney and Mickey hold hands at Cinderella castle.

The park is divided in 5 areas. Frontier Land, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Main Street USA. They created close replicas to the real life rides at Magic Kingdom like the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Mountain.

Quote Mouse World Owner “The Disney Parks are an ever-changing experience. To some extent this can be a good thing, as each generation gets to explore its own unique “version” of Disney for irself. Sadly, this also means that the Disney we knew as kids moves further away each year… 🙁

Here at Mouse World, we are dedicated to the Disney experience of Generation X. We grew up in the Orlando Park of the late 70s and 80s, and we hope that Mouse World reflects this for you. 🙂 Take a good look around our sim, and you’ll find bits and pieces of Disney nostalgia going all the way back to the 1950s! Check out the time on Tomorrowland’s World Clock! Take a ride in the Moonliner (now recommissioned as the Marsliner) on Mission to Mars! Ride the Skybuckets over the 20,000 Leagues lagoon! Tour Tomorrowland in the Peoplemover! See the stupid spiders in the stairwell of the Haunted Mansion! All of these are gone from RL, but we’ve got them and more right here!

For this reason we can not build such rides as Splash Mountain (1992) or any other ride that opened after the year 1989.”

If you would like to visit Mouse World you can for totally free! Just register for an account at and visit Mouse World! My name here is Tedt Thurston, feel free to contact me.

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